Simrad NSS16 Evo3 in a what?!


Simrad NSS16 Evo3 in a what?!

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with a new client, Paul, and set him up with a new 16″ NSS Evo3 from Simrad, paired with 3D structurescan.

This is an absolute beast of a unit, with every possible feature you could imagine for even the most hard core sport fishing vessel. When he picked it up I got the call if I could help him install it – in his 3.7m Tinny!

Now you might think thats crazy, but I say – Why the hell not! This tinny is just as much a hard core sport fishing vessel as any, and for a dedicated estuary and barra fisho, the 16″ screen now enables him to view a number of vital pages all at once to get the best information available.

We took it out for some on water testing today and it is nothing short of bloody awesome! We were running a 4 way split of chart, sonar, down scan and structurescan, and each of the 4 panes were the same viewing size as one of the single 7″ screens I run at the helm of my boat! And for running sonar/structurescan splits, or structurescan/structurescan 3D splits, it is simply amazing to have such a huge viewing area.

Of course we had to put it into a proper real life fishing scenario too, and Paul managed to completely towel me up on bream – Im pretty sure he had me about 12-4 at one stage, but I did give have the front end of the drift ;).

I turned the tables at one stage putting a nice Jew in the boat and Paul decided he was going to even the score, hooking one on the very next cast! It was short lived unfortunately and it dusted him almost straight up, so he went back to schooling me on the bream…