About Us

So What's Freshest Fishing?

Freshest Fishing was born out of my passion of Fresh Water and Estuary Fishing, but has become so much more! In the past we’ve ran guided trips, but now simply love to get out fishing and exploring recreationally.

There’s a few people that help to contribute and we are all mad about the same stuff. Freshest Fishing is about all things relating to fishing, boating, outdoors, travel, tackle and more.

Freshest People

Dale Johnson

Freshest Fishing Flounder…
I mean Founder.

I grew up in the Coffs Harbour region and have always loved light tackle lure fishing in the many local estuaries & rivers. But I have a passion for a varied range of fishing my local area has to offer so I’ll often be throwing lures around the estuaries one day, and offshore chasing snapper the next.
I spent over 15 years in the fishing tackle industry, several years guiding around the local area and a lifetime fishing and exploring the East Coast of Australia. I simply love to be on the water, or doing something that relates to getting me there!

Freshest Contributors

Craig Hanlon

Freshest Tech Guy.

Craig is basically my go to for any tech question I can’t figure out myself, and all the ones I did figure out myself and later found out I should have asked him if it was correct…
He describes himself as a closet bream angler who wants to buy a boat, even though he currently has 2 sitting in his yard… and a kayak.

Dayne Taylor

Freshest Boat Guy.

Dayne is a gun at whatever fish he is throwing a lure at. Its actually really annoying…
He is also the local Freshest Boat Guy, who loves doing freebies in return for the odd hashtag. All re-shares aside though, he is actually the main man along side the legends at NCBC who looks after my boat, Suzuki outboard, trailer and anything I need that relates to them.

Macca McEwan

Freshest Reptile Guy.

Macca loves to get his snake out… and all his other reptiles at the Reptile Park he runs!
But when he isn’t waving his snake in kids faces, he is a gun fisho – especially for reds. You can say they are his calling on the water… calling him closer and closer, trying to lure him to his death. They’ve bloody come close too.