As most of my clients who fish with me know, I spend a lot of time working at the local tackle store. In fact Im there a lot more than Im on the water…
You know the old saying ‘Its a blessing and a curse…’, well I don’t think there is a truer saying for any mad keen fisho that also works at a tackle shop. You have access to some of the latest and greatest gear, sometimes well before a lot of other people around, but you then also have this overwhelming urge to constantly buy the latest and the greatest gear… not so great for the back pocket.

I actually regularly find lures hiding in the bottom of a compartment, never used, not even opened, months after I bought them, simply because at the time I absolutely had to have it and it was going to change the way I fished! Well maybe if I actually used some of the stuff that might be the case – So, with that in mind, Im going to make a conscious effort to 1. Actually use some of this new or different stuff I get my hands on; and 2. Give you guys the run down on it here!
Every now and then when I try out something new, or different, or maybe something that I think could help out in your own fishing, I’ll post up some details. And I’ll try and make ‘FRESHEST NEW GEAR’ a regular addition to the blog.

To kick things off, I’ve been using a bit of gear that isnt exactly brand new, but I do want to make a mention of it simply because how impressed I am with it so far.

First up is the new Squidgy Bio Tough plastics.
I first saw samples of these months ago and although I thought they looked the goods, at the time I was kind of like ‘its just another plastic. Yeah cool its stretchy and it looks good, but Im still waiting on the old colour bloodworm to come back…’
Ok ok, maybe I didn’t actually say that last bit… out loud…
But all jokes aside, I’ve been using them recently and I honestly am really liking them! The new wriggler is a little different to what we are used to from the classic design, but its growing on me quite a bit. The longer body/smaller tail combination seems to work well and incorporates a number of elements that the fish seem to go for. I’ve had a few good sessions on bream with them already and the tails really are super tough – one session not long ago saw a stack of break and the tails still looked like they had just come out of the pack after a number of fish. Im also looking forward to trialling out the fish over the coming weeks – with a slightly more elongated shape than the traditional squidgy fish, they look like that tail is just going to beat away in the water getting everyones attention.

Next is the Nasci Spin Reels and Jewel Rods
Well, I’ve actually been using the Nasci’s for over a year now and anyone who talks to me will know I’m becoming rather bias towards these reels. You simply get a lot of reel for your money, and for what mine have stood up to over the past 12+ months is nothing short of impressive, and they still feel like new reels. I remember after using them for the first couple of months I actually questioned if the price had been stuffed up – Awesome design, light weight, Hagane Gear plus a heap of other features all add up to a mint package. The only thing that I wasn’t a fan of when I first got the reels was the lack of a screw in handle design, but honestly its just not something to expect on a reel priced at the point of the Nasci, but even after some solid use, Ive seen no problems, not water ingress, just smooth sailing, I mean winding, all the way.

The Jewel rods however are something new I’ve started trialling, and these things rock! For a rod only just breaking over the $150 mark they are simply amazing. 15 years in the tackle industry has seen all kinds of rods lay on my deck, from crazy one of customs to high end off the shelf models, but it is nothing short of amazing the quality of rods that are starting to be produced and hitting shelves for less then $200 and the Jewel is one of the best examples I think I’ve seen. They are light with excellent actions, Fuji guides and a fantastic reel seat and handle design. I can understand they may not be something for everyone – Some of you big beefy blokes might not want to fish with a ‘Jewel’ and anyone who remembers the original models, they had a very pretty harlequin finish, that you’re missus loved… But the new models are a beautiful black, and go with anything. And hey, Starlo likes ’em…
One thing I will say is I believe there is a gap in the range, albeit ever so slight. They have a couple of awesome ultra light and light spin sticks, but then jump up to a bit heavier 7′ model. The jump between them I think was just big enough to maybe slide in an extra model – you know that 7′ spin stick that kind of feels like a bream rod but also feels like it can handle lobbing out those slightly bigger flathead plastics? Yeah thats the one I think is missing. I might suggest it.

Ok I know, a bit Shimano heavy right now. Well if you film anything on a GoPro, you need this…

I’ve been slowly expanding my GoPro range, even though Im slack as, and don’t get them out near as much as I should. I have a pole at the rear of the boat, plus a mount on the motor and a few in other spots, but they always seem either too ‘fixed’ or too much hassle to stick the camera in. (yeah – absolute height of laziness right there…)
Well I grabbed myself a short GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp not long ago. I actually wanted a longer one at the time but discovered even though the short one is a little more restricted, it does the same job without getting in the way as much – and is more stable.
This is so perfect for clamping to my console, right in front of me where I can easily play with and adjust the camera, meaning not only do I use it more, I can also move it around easier to get exactly the right shot for whats going on at the time! Plus the clamp is tough as and will hold onto anything you can fit it around! This is one of those toys that wont change the way I fish, but will change the way I catch the action!


I’ll leave it there for this time around, seriously I have so much cool gear I want to talk about but I’m afraid you’ll get bored reading it, so I’ll spread the love and see if I can remember to tell you all about some more in another week or so!

– Dale