Several years ago, Freshest Fishing Tours was born out of my love of fishing the Fresh Water and Estuary areas along the east coast of Australia. I combined that with the enjoyment I got when I took mates fishing and taught them a new technique or chased a new species and watched on as they kicked goals.

A number of amazing years has followed, guiding around the NSW Mid North Coast. I’ve had some amazing clients and made some great new friends. As well as helping a huge number of people learn new tricks and tick off a few PB’s which has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.

Kevin with one of his first ever Bass
Lara with her first ever Jew!
A couple of great Bream from the Belinger
A rainy day out in the boat
Mirag'in carted clients around rain, hail or shine. And she'll do the same for me for a few years yet!

But this coming year (which feels like its half over already!) has a few big trips coming up, both locally and internationally, and I’ve decided that its a good opportunity to take a break from guiding, and transition back into just recreational fishing, travelling and exploring for a little while. I’ll be finishing up a few final bookings as we come to the end of March, and then it will be straight into some travel and exploring.

As I finish writing this post, which has actually been in my mind waiting to come out for a little while (its hard to say your taking a break from something you love – even its to do more of something you love!), Australia is actually smack in the middle of the unfolding ‘covid-19’ situation. So even though I talk of some grand travel plans, one inter-state trip has already been cancelled and 2 of my international trips are up in the air, and will likely also be postponed. So hopefully everyone stays safe, we get through this rough patch and fishing and travel can take centre stage again!

Seeing I’ll be travelling (soon hopefully) and fishing a bit more recreationally, I’ve also decided to change Freshest Fishing Tours, to now simply be known as ‘Freshest Fishing’, and will try to keep some updates going as regularly as possible on the Freshest Fishing Blog. It would be awesome if you stopped in there every now and then and caught up.

I can’t thank all the clients I’ve had over the years, I truly can’t say I’ve ever had a single person out fishing with me that I wouldn’t want to fish with again. You have all been fantastic.

I have also had some amazing help and support from a number of businesses over the years. These are all businesses I have always used and trusted, and will continue to into the future, and I’m so appreciative that they were willing to offer me support too –
North Coast Boating Centre – These guys keep my boat and Suzuki outboard in top condition. An amazing crew of locals running an amazing local business. Hands down I would never take my boat or outboard elsewhere.
MOTackle & Outdoors – All the fishing and outdoors gear you could ever need.
Frogleys Offshore – Atomic rods & lures, Samurai Rods, plus a heap of other awesome gear.
Samaki – Awesome lures, great rods and clothing basically everyone should have!
Shimano – Some of the best fishing tackle available.
Fish Source – This crew of blokes… what more can I say!

There are so many others that helped support Freshest Fishing Tours while I operated trips, but these guys really helped with the financial load of charter fishing by giving me access to equipment or services when I needed them to keep things rolling smoothly, and I cant thank them enough for that.
I know I’ll certainly be continuing to use all of their gear or services moving forward anyway so this is really just a huge appreciation piece for how awesome they’ve been so far!

Well thats about all I have for now, if you’ve gotten this far – thank you! You were likely one of my awesome clients or followers over the years and I hope to stay in touch with you moving forward. If this is the first time you’ve come across Freshest Fishing, thanks also! Hopefully you can find some interest in some of the things I get up to.

Either way, stay healthy and safe in 2020, its been a bloody rough one so far and we are only 3 months in. Here’s to endless fishy tales and epic times on the water!


A boys weekend to Fitzroy saw some epic catches like this monster Threadfin